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Offered By Ahead of the Pack Dog Training and Care

Free in home consultations and assessment

*** Discount given to adoptions from Shelters and rescues***

Puppy Course is geared for puppies under six of age
includes 2 private in home sessions with trainer 
4 group puppy socialization classes     cost  99.99

Course will cover

What to expect from your puppy until he/she ready for basic obedience
Introduction to crate and Setting up housebreaking schedule
Setting up feeding schedule
Discussion on how to properly socialize the new puppy 
Choosing appropriate chewing tools
Introduction to the sit and come and leave it commands
**in order for puppies to participate in socialization classes
they will needs to be fully immunized against the diseases that she may come into contact with.
This means she/he should have had her 3rd puppy vaccine at 12

Refresher Course and Problem Solving                                         
Includes private in home consultation and assessment
3 sessions   60-90  minute each                                Cost           199.00   
this course will will deal with common behavior issues and solutions


                                                                                                                                                                                Basic Obedience training course is geared for Dogs 6M up
Includes private in home consultation and assessment
6 sessions  60-90 minutes each                                Cost             374.99  

The following commands will be taught throughout the 6 session  

sit  sit/stay  
watch me
down  down/stay
leave it/ drop it    
heel and loose leash
place or Go Mat
Training Solutions Course
Includes private in home consultations and assessment  of behavior issues
This course specializes in finding solutions for behavior issues that might need behavior modification and Obedience training
 6 sessions   60-90 minutes each                              Cost            $399.00

The following issues will be addressed as well as many others

house training
mouthing, barking,
destructive behavior
separation anxiety
other behavior issue can also be addressed   


Dog/Puppy socialization sessions class TBA      $15.00 per hour
Over Night Pet Sitting:  I am not a kennel but do have a limited amount of space available for over nite visits of d

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